Saturday, August 1, 2009


Teacher punches autistic student

SEREMBAN: A boy suffering from autism is believed to have

been punched by a male teacher during classes, causing the

victim to suffer injuries to his left cheek and lips.

Ahmad Ariff Mohd Nizam's mother realised something was

wrong when she went to pick her son, a special class student at

Sekolah Kebangsaan Undang Jelebu, near Kuala Klawang in

Jelebu, after school a 12.15pm on Friday.His father, Mohd

Nizam Shamsahaldin, 40, said she found their son's left cheek

swollen and his lips bloodied.There were also some blood stains

on his shirt, he claimed. He said his wife, a civil servant,

asked their son what had happened and was told that a male

teacher had done this and that he did not want to go to school


"My wife then went to the school office and met a senior

assistant who tried to contact the teacher concerned through his


"However, there was no reply and my wife took our son to the

Jelebu Hospital for treatment," he said, adding that his wife

lodged a police report at the Kuala Klawang police station at

5pm the same day.Mohd Nizam said: "Teachers are supposed

to look after our children, especially those who require extra

attention."This sort of behaviour is unacceptable and I urge the

relevant authorities to look into this matter."Jelebu district

police chief, Deputy Superintendent Setapa Yusof confirmed

that police had received a report on the matter and were still

investigating.The school authorities could not be reached for


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