Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Eventhough my health is not so good now, I am still thinking of my autistic son. So from bed 343, I still want to write something about autistic abuse in school. There's something I want to say ... There's something I have to say ... from the deepest part of my heart !

When is autistic abuse begin in our country ? 1995 ? 2005 ? @ 2009 ?

I am not sure but our special education department was established on 1 October 1995 ...
It may be happened since 1995 ... but no one bother/bothered @ no one realize/realized ...

That's why, today, I am so sorry to say that I want to highlight this matter for the sake of our autistic children. They have had enough of these abuses. Enough. Schools, PPDs, JPNs and KPM have to do something. They got to plan/think/whatever to guarantee that these group of special education students/pupils are safe in school. Just safe. We ,Parents, never force teachers to turn our children to be doctors, lawyers, engineers etc but we just want their safety while in the teachers' hands. Is it hard to do so ? Please ...

I have more to say, more to write, but I need to take my medicine and rest now ... Thank u to all the supporters ... may god bless u .

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